Tile Grout Sealing Service

The grout is a very porous material. It also absorbs water like a sponge. It’s easy to connect the dots. Grout will eagerly store all the dirt we throw at it. Any dirt from the bottom of our shoes to dead skin after taking a shower will nicely fit in grout pores. When we add water to the mix, wondrous things happen. It takes no effort to ruin shower grout within months. And cleaning is NOT a solution…

I find it really hard to explain to people, that the grout acts as a MOP during the “cleaning” process. The grout absorbs all the dissolved dirt during each “cleaning” session. The speed with which floor grout gets dirty is proportional to the frequency of “cleaning”. The more often you mop, the dirtier it gets. And the only way out of the vicious circle is SEALING.

penetrating sealer for grout and tile sealing

Since you spend a lot of money on tiling your property, your very next step should be application of penetrating sealer. When the job is NEW (and ONLY than), you should apply the sealer just a few days after the grouting was finished.

In such a case I would be close to unemployed, as penetrating sealer provides quite a decent protection against stains. Sealed surfaces repel water. Meaning, no dissolved dirt can penetrate them.

The penetrating sealer is the most basic protection. It’s not forever, just 3-5 years. BUT! It’s reasoPROFESSIONAL SURFACE PREPARATIONnably cheap and easy to re-apply even by non-professionals.

The penetrating sealer can be applied by anyone when the tiling job is days old. On a swing side, it should NOT be applied by anyone except a qualified tiler if the surfaces are no longer virgin-clean. Remember, cleaning by hand is NOT cleaning at all. A different grade of “clean” is required before any sealer application.

Old tiling jobs can be restored to such state, that they might actually look better than on a day they were finished. Simple example would be a ceramic tile with unpainted edges (only the top of the tiles are covered with glaze). When the grout joints are slightly deeper, the grout does not cover the unpainted edges of tiles. This issue vanishes completely after colour-sealing of grout with the epoxy grout colourant.

The grout colourant from Aqua Mix can survive for up to 15 years. I’m the last person to trust a label. When I issue a guarantee I expect my mobile to announce new joTile andbs, not guarantee repairs. Thanks to Aqua Mix I don’t need to worry about my sealer coat durability. I’m NOT saying I’m a robot and never make any mistakes. A trace of moisture trapped under a silicone line can ruin my day from time to time. But I NEVER had a call back about flaking off grout colourant.

tile and grout cleaner (for surface preparation prior to grout sealing)

To all the DIY enthusiasts I’ve got one thing to say. Don’t waste your time and knuckles on anything else than Aqua Mix Tile & Grout Cleaner. It’s not a magic solution for anything. A stain is a stain. However, when it comes to common dirt nothing comes close to this stuff.

Stay AWAY from any “spray and forget” type of thing. Usually, when you spray (and don’t rinse fast enough) you can safely forget you had a shower. While this product won’t do you any harm and you’ll be amazed how fast it dissolves dirt (specially great for soil deposits).

That said, don’t ever try to colour-seal your grout after hand-cleaning it with no matter how wonderful product. The grout sealing starts from a PROFESSIONAL SURFACE PREPARATION, not hand-cleaning. The aqua mix grout colourant can last from 15 years to 15 months, depending who cleaned the grout.