Grout Cleaning and Regrouting Service Auckland Grout and tile restoration service. Our machine cleaning methods leave grout and tiles free of chemicals ensuring excellent bond with any sealer coating.

Grout Cleaning and Regrouting Service Auckland

grout sealing

grout colour sealing

We’re NOT a franchise operators. Should you encounter any problem regarding your tiles or grout, we’ve all the knowledge and experience to resolve it.

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We’re professional tilers providing grout cleaning and regrouting service across Auckland. We provide up to 5 years guarantee for grout colourant and silicone adhesion. See the list of all our services:

  • grout cleaning (either indoor/outdoor water blasting or high pressure dry steam cleaning)
  • tile cleaning (as above plus machine scrubbing if necessary)
  • tile sealing (application of  penetrating sealer or top coat sealer low sheen of gloss)
  • grout sealing (application of translucent grout sealer or epoxy grout colourant)
  • changing grout colour (might require application of at least 2 coats)
  • tile repair (all types of tiles, all types of repairs)
  • re-attachment of loose tiles without uplifting (epoxy injection)
  • regrouting (proper grout replacement)    <read more IMPORTANT>
  • anti-slip treatment to tiled floors
  • silicone replacement, re-caulking
  • shower leak repairs
  • waterproofing (made to last by certified applicators)
  • tiling (only as a part of a bigger grout or tile restoration project)


Please watch this clip. A sealer coat can form a permanent bond ONLY after proper grout cleaning (indoor water-blasting with no splash). 

We do have the right equipment. Indoor water blasting is what sets us apart from majority of other restorers.


How many times did you see painted garage floor covered with bald spots, where paint used to be. Any residue of chemicals left in a material after it’s preparation will impair  sealer coat bond. That’s what happens when a permeable surface gets vacuumed, mopped or brushed instead of water blasted. One has to realize that diameter of brush bristles is much bigger than diameter of grout pores. There’s no brushing going on inside the pores. The only thing that happens is saturation of those pores with dissolved dirt and chemicals. Only water under pressure can knock out dirt from inside the grout. And only water under pressure and in adequate quantities can RINSE chemicals. That’s EXTRACTION. The sealer will form a strong bond with a permeable material ONLY if this material is free of CHEMICALS. Old stains left over after cleaning (as long as non fat) present no danger for sealer coat adhesion. There’s one rule to remember – if it hasn’t been water blasted it shouldn’t be sealed. No extraction equipment – no grout sealing. The best way to save money is to pay for something only once.

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