Shower Leak Repair Doesn’t Have To Be Costly

shower leak repair

There is no need for a shower leak repair to look so grim as shown in the photo on your left. We can stop shower leaks without removing any tiles to get to the waterproofing membrane.

 We have a liquid waterproofing agent specially formulated for installation over existing grout and tiles. We apply two coats of this stuff, so zero chances of missing a spot. A visual inspection can tell you if a repair is effective or not. Not once did you notice how a white shirt turns grey once it absorbs water. The same applies to grout. Whenever grout absorbs any moisture, its colour changes. The grout treated with our product won’t change color after you shower. When it does, we can fix the problem within one hour. Using a high-performance steam cleaner, we simply clean the spot with a temperature around 180 degrees. In 15 minutes, the area is completely dried and ready for a waterproofing agent to be applied. The downside is that you have to stop using the shower for 24 hours. Then it’s all yours and fully functional again.

The waterproofing agent works on the principle of penetrating sealer. It does not leave any coating on the tile or grout itself after it has been absorbed. A sealed material becomes water-tight. No coat means nothing to damage. Even if your cleaning methods are improper, you’ll not be able to damage the waterproofing unless the grout falls off entirely. It’s not a drama either. Any holes and cracks are visible, and repair is a phone call away.

Please, for your own sake, DO call me FIRST before you let anyone do anything to your shower. I am perfectly able to save you from a true Armageddon just by a short conversation. I don’t care for your money either, as this kind of thing usually costs under $500 and takes actually 2 visits to complete (not exactly peaches’n’cream). Call me weird, but in this particular case I am much more interested in saving peoples lives while starving the con-artists.