Anti-slip treatment for tiles

anti-slip treatment for tiles

The anti-slip treatment for tiles is inexpensive and absolutely necessary for all wet areas. Tiles certainly add a classy touch to your home. In addition, they can contribute quite a bit to your medical bills. They are a lot harder than human bones. In most cases, tiles are selected based on their appearance rather than slip resistance. If you want to keep your smile healthy and full of teeth, you should consider anti-slip treatment.

This service is recommended for all wet areas, including shower floors, kitchen floors, laundries, and swimming pool surroundings. The anti slip treatment increases slip resistance factor by 30-35%. What does it mean? Comparing the feel of your palm moving across a glass surface to the surface of really finely sanded wood will help you understand the numbers. As you apply more weight, your grip becomes stronger. When you step into the shower with your whole body weight on a tiny surface of your feet, than you will feel STUCK to the tiles instead of some miserable 30% decrease in slippage.

The value of the service is measured in the hundreds rather than the thousands. For example, a shower floor will set you back $25. Should you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact me.