Slippery Tiles Solution Anti-slip treatment is cheap and quick.

We have slippery tiles solution that works in minutes

Anti-slip treatment – slippery tiles solution that works in minutes. The service is cheap and absolutely necessary in all wet areas.

banana-304795_640Tiles definitely add a class factor to your home. They can also can add quite a lump sum to your medical bills. They tend to be a lot harder than human bones. Unfortunately tiles are not usually selected  by their slip resistance factor, but rather by their appearance. To keep your smile healthy and full of teeth you should consider hiring us to perform anti-slip treatment.  We recommend this service for all wet areas: shower floors, kitchen floors, laundries and surroundings of a swimming pools. Anti slip treatment increases slip resistance factor by 30-35%. What does it mean? You can comprehend the numbers better by comparing the feeling of your palm moving across a glass surface and really finely sanded wood. The grip gets stronger with the amount of weight applied. When you enter the shower putting your whole body weight on a tiny surface of your feet, than you will feel STUCK to the tiles, instead of some miserable 30% decrease in slippage.

How much? From peanuts to several hundreds depending on area. A shower floor will cost you a whopping $20-$25. Making sure you have safe, non slip tiles around your swimming pool won’t leave you financially ruined either. The value of the service is counted in the hundreds not thousands.

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