6 Most Efficient Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Inviting

Your bathroom goes through a lot! It gets used multiple times a day and has to deal with steam, heat and dampness. Over time, your bathroom can definitely start looking a little worse for wear. And that can cause you to feel dissatisfied with your bathroom and even embarrassed if you have guests over.

From organising to grout cleaning, in this article, we’ll look at six quick, affordable and efficient ways in which you can make your Auckland home’s bathroom more inviting.

Grout Cleaning

The grout between your towels can build up dirt and grime over time, and grout that was once sparkly white now appears almost black in places. The best way to deal with this worry is to invest in professional grout cleaning in Auckland. You’ll be so impressed with the difference this makes to your space.

Remove Clutter

It is very easy for your bathroom to become cluttered with empty shampoo bottles, too many products, used candles, damp magazines, etc. Get rid of clutter or invest in extra storage if you need to.

Upgrade Your Bath Towels

A quick and simple way to upgrade your bathroom is to purchase some lovely, fluffy bath towels and bath mats that will instantly elevate your bathroom and make it more inviting.

Decide On A Colour Palette

Having a clashing colour palette and too many colours in your bathroom is one way to disrupt any harmony that you may have had a chance of achieving. Include some natural colours in your colour palette to create a feeling of calm in your bathroom.

Install New Showerhead

Many of us have severely outdated showerheads in our bathrooms. Simply replacing this feature can truly transform your bathroom, making it more modern as well as more practical too!

Tile Anti-Slip Treatment

The tile anti-slip treatment is another service we offer here at The Extractor. It is a great way to make your bathroom safer by making your tiles less slippery!

Are you looking to invest in professional grout cleaning services in Auckland? Speak to our specialists at The Extractor today and get your grout cleaned once and for all!