Shower Leak Repair

Sure Fix For Shower Leaks

demolished shower

demolished shower

We can stop shower leaks without removing any tiles to get to waterproofing membrane. We have a liquid waterproofing agent specially formulated for an application over existing grout and tiles. You can actually visually verify if a repair works or not. You noticed not once how a white t-shirt turns grey-ish whenever it absorbs any water. The same thing applies to grout. Whenever grout absorbs any moisture it changes shade. You will see, that grout treated with our product will not change colour after you shower. And if it does within 5 years from waterproofing application you simply call us back. The repair of a trouble spot can be done within one hour. We just clean the spot with a high performance steam cleaner with a working temperature around 180 Celsius. The cleaned spot is bone dry and ready for an application of waterproofing agent within 15 minutes. The downside is that you will have to stop using the shower for 24h, but then it’s all yours and fully operational again.

The waterproofing agent works on a principle of penetrating sealer (not to be confused with one). It means that it get absorbed by grout  or tile body without leaving any coat on top. Sealed materials become water-tight. No coat means nothing to damage. Even if your cleaning methods are completely improper and brutal you will not be able to damage the waterproofing unless the grout falls off completely.

It is not a drama either. Any holes and cracks are visible and repair is a phone call away.

The story I just told is true for 95% cases. It all depends on the source of a leak. This is why I never give quotations over a phone whenever some problems with existing grout are involved. An on-site examination is a must before figuring out “the angle of attack”. To cut the story short, we will never apply an external waterproofing before we get out of the way anything that might impair it’s function.

Huge percentage of shower leaks has nothing to do with faulty waterproofing membranes or  plumbing. Just improper transition of a waterproofing membrane into a plumbing system can render the whole shower useless. This happens usually around the waste in shower base. To put things simple, a waterproofing membrane HAS TO be connected to a drain pipe. That problem occurs when plumber thinks it’s a tilers job and vice versa, lol.